CTM Collar

Know all about your cattle

Now you will be able to Know the heat and illness of your cattle before it happen, so you will can EMPOWER YOUR PRODUCTION!

Real time information

Heat detection

Our algorithms can predict heat with high precision.

Smart Notifications

Reciba alertas preventivas en su Smartphone o PC sobre el estado de cada animal.

Early detection of illness

Changes in cow’s milk production and quality, behavior and bodily condition are the earliest indicators of illness.


Powerful detection methods operating 24/7 point out every cow in need of attention.


Cow behavior sensors gauge rumination, eating, activity and rest times, detecting health problems of various natures.

Virtual fences

Know when your cow is going out of your area.

CTM Collar

For all Kind of farmers

Dairy profitability depends on herd fertility, which is based on optimized lactation intervals. In maintaining good fertility, the main factor is timing. The equation is simple: identifying the exact time for breeding = improved pregnancy rates.
Detecting when animals are in heat is critical. High-yielding cows maintain short estrus periods with few visual signs. As cows can be in heat any time around the clock, nighttime heat periods may go undetected. In larger herds, the challenge is even greater, since farmers may miss animals in heat altogether.
While breeding programs may vary from farm to farm, the causes of reduced fertility – and subsequent losses – remain the same. To maintain top fertility performance and farm profitability, dairies must address these aspects:
– Open days – Past VWP (Voluntary Waiting Period) cows should be bred during every cycle. Every additional open day costs between $4 to $7. By reducing involuntary open days, farmers can increase their income.
– Missed cows – Anestrus, the lack of heat signs, may cause late breeding of some cows. Early identification and treatment of cows with anestrus may keep the best cows in the profitable population.
– Abortions – Statistically, 3-5% of pregnant cows lose their embryos. Early detection of abortions can greatly reduce the number of cows at all stages of lactation.
– Operation cost – Detecting heat with visual techniques is laborious and requires trained personnel.
By counteracting these problems, dairy farms increase their overall profits.

Solutions CTM

We offer 2 products to detect heat with high precision.

Research have demonstrated a direct and strong link between the timing of estrus and increased activity of a cow. Computerized heat detection, based on this correlation, is the best solution for dairy farms of all sizes.

  • Accuracy – Well designed cow monitoring systems, based on neck collars or leg tags, are superior to other techniques.
  • Robustness – 24/7 operation, no need for human intervention.
  • Savings – Eliminates need for visual detection, reducing labor and operation costs.
  • A long-term solution – Operates independently, improving herd fertility on an ongoing basis.

Basic Kit:

  • 3 Antennas.
  • 1 Gateway.
  • CTM Collar Pack (Min 50) o CTM Activity Monitor Pack (Min 50).

Outdoor Antena:

  • Solar panel power supply.
  • Li-ion battery (20.000 mA).
  • Long-range transmission module.
  • IP 68.

Outdoor Gateway:

  • Solar panel power supply.
  • Li-ion battery (20.000 mA).
  • GSM / Satellite transmission module.
  • IP 68.

CTM Collar:

  • Dedicated Microprocessor.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Rumination sensor.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Battery life: + 5 years.
  • Operating range: -30 ° C to 50 ° C.
  • IP 68.

CTM Activity Monitor:

  • Dedicated Microprocessor.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Battery life: + 5 years.
  • Operating range: -30 ° C to 50 ° C.
  • IP 68.

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